This is a simple text based game where you play as a young trans person trying to buy some underwear. I made it with the intention of showing cis people what it’s like to be trans. You can play as a trans girl, trans boy, or a nonbinary person. It’s short, so you can play it multiple times for different paths. There are several paths, some better, some worse; if you’re easily triggered by dysphoria or transphobia, you may want to avoid this game. Some paths are safer than others, depending on how well you pass (surprise, surprise). TW for homophobic/transphobic slurs, transphobia/transmisogyny, slurs, misgendering, and possible violence.

I did this just to see how relatable it was, and holy shit it was like someone put me back in the spots i was in only a year ago.  My heart is racing shit. 

ow… my everything hurts…

Hey all my cis followers: this is instructive. Go play it.

i…. really didnt like this. not because im “easily triggered by dysphoria” but because its horribly unrealistic even in the first 10 choices and no, there ISNT an option for nonbinary people (“i prefer not to choose!” is not the same as “im agender”) and it really just caters to people with social dysphoria (if i chose the goddamn piss poor nonbinary option that doesnt mean im not ok with being called a girl??) which many nonbinary people dont even have.

i also dont have parents so i feel alienated but i dont really care about that

anyway gjkfdgjdfklgj i just wish someone could make one of these ~~lgbt simulators~~~ that isnt actually fuckign terrible???

Same. I kind of completed this simulator a month ago or so and chose the nonbinary option but it’s not at all helpful. It ended with me going to the men’s section and try buying some boxers. Then I encountered a supposedly collleague, a girl from school who was there with her buff dudebro boyfriend. Since I always choose the worst possible answer to see how bad can the situation get, I ended up being beaten by that guy. But I don’t understand why I would be in a men’s store section? Unless I am trying to pass as masculine, but that’s just gender roles and indeed, as you said, the simulator caters to those with social dysphoria a lot, while many nonbinary people don’t have that.

Maybe also inserting images or sounds and making these even more interactive and with a lot more options depending on various life circumstances would improve them, so far I’ve seen no helpful simulator for this.

For example now that I tried the one for LGB (or I think it was only for bisexual), some of the answers seemed unrealistic and yeah, I don’t think there are many people who outright puke on food after hearing their son has a boyfriend with whom he has sex both ways. Or maybe that’s just me. Perhaps the game presented the actual thing that happened but also possible outcomes in this “coming out” situation. And it’s probably worth mentioning that personally I don’t enjoy games where there’s a lot of text or you have to talk a lot with a bunch of people, speaking to the point, no bullshit included is my method of saying things, but it highly depends on each person.


Yo, can dysphoric trans people please answer this survey for me? 



écaille de tortue (by Atilio San Pantalon)


écaille de tortue (by Atilio San Pantalon)



The work of Asger Carlsen

Danish photographer Asger Carlsen began his career at 16 when he sold a photo he took of the police yelling at him and his friends for burning a picket fence to the local paper. For the next ten years Asger worked as a crime photographer before moving on to shooting ads for magazines. Then one day while messing around on his computer he created an image of a face with a bunch of eyes that led him to the distorted photographs he has become known for. His eerie and often humorous work makes you question what is human, and has been exhibited and published internationally.

real life glitches

fozmeadows: scienceofsarcasm:

Evening Post: August 12, 1899.
"She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in a scientific fashion…”

I would love to know what this means.

I think that might be code for “punched him in the balls with devastating accuracy”.

Is it possible to be sex positive and sex critical?


Sex positivity usually refers to being open to all consensual sex with very limited critical thinking about it. For example, sex positivity embraces things like rape play because it has consent rather than critically analysing why somebody would fantasise about raping somebody. People who aren’t sex positive aren’t NECESSARILY anti-sex (which sex positive people usually like to refer to all of us as), we are just as critical of sex acts as we are to any other act. Sex isn’t exempt from criticism, and I don’t know why people assume that. Sex choices don’t trump other choices. If anything, sex choices can be even more showing of a person’s character than most other choices, because we can get away with a lot more during sex BECAUSE of our pornified, kink-encouraging, rape culture.

genuinely wondering: whats wrong with referring to a character as queer?


  1. it is a slur
  2. it is completely nonspecific. while coalitions between lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and trans people are important and we all share a baseline of experience with homophobia, the lived experiences among the L, G, B and T have important differences.
  3. The media representations (and kinds of representations) afforded to the L, G, B, and T differ, and it’s important for the sake of analysis to frankly discuss which group is being represented, as well as how well it is being represented.
  4. I have never seen anyone on TV refer to themselves as ‘queer’. I’m sure it’s probably happened, but politeness 101, we don’t call someone a word they don’t use on themselves.


heard u talkin shit like i wouldnt find out



heard u talkin shit like i wouldnt find out